Dear photographers!
Best Photography Awards invites you to take part in the second season of the competition.
Get a chance to win the title of Best Professional Photographer of the Year and Discovery of the Year!
You can win physical medals, trophies and additional prizes, as well as the opportunity to become a jury member of the next season and global promotion throughout the year!

We wish you successful participation!
Good luck!

BPA team

Our mission

What does it mean to you to be the best? Being open to something new, striving for self-improvement, winning gold medals? Only you know this unusual formula and this is your unique path! This unique path of each of us is real life and creativity!

The mission of the BEST PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS is to recognize, reward and present talented, BEST photographers from around the world and introduce them to the creative community around the world.


BEST Photography Awards 2022 categories info

Categories are in two sections: Professional and Non-Professional.

In our competition, we do not limit the number of images submitted by each individual photographer. You can also submit the same photo to any number of categories. Your photos will be rated individually by an esteemed panel of international judges, including: famous photographers, collectors, gallery owners, magazine editors and others.

The Best Photography Awards accepts submissions in the following categories:


This category is for commercial images used to sell, market, promote or advertise a product, brand, service, or person(s).


This category is for portrait photography. Artistic images of a person or group of people.


This category for photos depicting the nude human body with an emphasis on form, composition, emotional content, and other aesthetic qualities.

Art photography / Digital art

This category is dedicated to creative photography and is open to the most incredible concepts and ideas. Digital manipulated photos are also accepted.


This category is for photos showing clothes, accessories, hairstyles and anything related to fashion.


This category is for architectural photography, buildings or structures and any part thereof; dynamic images of architecture or architectural details.


This category is for photography that is devoted to displaying natural elements such as landscapes, wildlife, plants, and close-ups of natural scenes and textures.

Open Theme

This category is for photos with a free theme.

Documentary / Photojournalism

This category is for photographs of events that make the news, through individual images documenting cultural, political or social issues affecting individuals or societies; coverage of news topics and their implications; and documenting human impact on the environment.

Wildlife / Animals

Focusing on images of wild animals in their natural habitats or pets, working animals, those kept in zoos or microscopic ones seen with the use of special equipment.


Amy Bell / Canada

Founder & Creative Director

Scott Smorra / USA

Landscape/Nature Photographer

Radoslav Sviretsov / Bulgaria

Landscape / Nature Photographer

Howard Schatz / USA

Professional Photographer

Morteza Nikoubazl / Iran

Documentary Photographer

Dano Corina Schmidt / Germany

DCS Contemporary Art Gallery

Fenqiang Liu / USA

Nature / Fine Art Photographer

Madoka Ikegami / Japan

Documentary Photographer

Xun Chi / USA

Professor at Laguna College of Art and Design

Tom Svensson / Sweden

Conservationist and photographer

Emilie Li Di / China


Independent Curator

Dasha Art / Belarus

Professional Art Photographer

Valsecchi Olivier / France

Professional Photographer

Oskar Ho / China

President of IAI Design Award

Kitra Cahana / Canada

Documentary Photographer

Alnis Stakle / Latvia

Documentary / Conceptual Photographer

George Mayer / Russia / USA

Photographer / Designer / Artist

Shinya Masuda / Japan

Professional Photographer

Javiera  Estrada / USA

Multi-Media Artist / Photographer

The prizes

A feature of BPA photography contest is the promotion of talented authors and assistance in popularizing photography around the world. Our photo contest cooperates with galleries, magazines and photography festivals.


BEST Professional Photographer of the Year

Interview in the Colours United of Design magazine, hard copy and 1 year subscription to the electronic version of the magazine

Gold medal / Trophy / Diploma

Special Winner Kit
(valuable physical prizes)

International Press and Publicity

Showcased at the Winners Gallery


Best Discovery of the Year

Gold medal / Trophy / Diploma

Special Winner Kit
(valuable physical prizes)

International Press and Publicity

Showcased at the Winners Gallery

*Additional sponsor prizes may be included in the winner’s kit. 
*In each season of the competition, prizes from sponsors may be different.

Gold winners in professional categories will receive a gold medals of the competition and a diploma.
Gold winners in amateur categories will receive a digital gold medals of the competition and a diploma.
Silver, bronze and blue winners will receive an digital medals and diploma.

Medals of the winners

Category Winner

Silver Category Winner

Category Winner

Honorable mention

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