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BEST Photography Awards competition is open to all Photographers: Amateur and Professional from all over the world. Anyone over 18 years of age can enter the competition with the exception of employees of the BEST Photography Awards.

By entering the BEST Photography Awards Competition, you hereby accept these Terms and Conditions.

By entering the Competition, you agree and acknowledge that the BEST Photography Awards is permitted to receive your registration data.

BEST Photography Awards may publish any material you submit, post, upload, email or otherwise transmit to it or to the website at its sole discretion and it shall be entitled to make additions or deletions to any such material prior to publication.

Any image submitted to the competition may be used by the BEST Photography Awards, and its media partners, for marketing and promotional purposes of the competition only. You hereby grant the BEST Photography Awards a non-exclusive, irrevocable license in each Entry throughout the world in all media for any use in connection with the competition.


To enter, you must upload your Entry at the following website: following the on-screen instructions carefully.

There is no limit to the number of Entries (Single or Series) each artist may submit.

Entry Fees

25eur per single image
35eur per series (2-5 images with same theme)

Emerging / Non-professional:
20eur per single image
25eur per series (2-5 images with same theme)

You may enter the same entry into as many categories as you wish. Additional fee for next category is $10.

Files must meet the following specifications:
– sRGB or Adobe98 color space, 8-bit;
– Longest dimension must be 2000 pixels / 5Mb max size;
– Saved as a JPEG at a setting of 10 (100%) or higher.
– No Watermarks / Copyright Units / Logos on images
– Only bleed photographs without borders

Winning Entrants must be able to provide a high-resolution digital file. This file will be used only to prove the ownership of the image. Winning Entrants who do not fulfill these eligibility criteria will be deemed ineligible and disqualified without the right to appeal.

There is no time or date restriction on when the image was taken.

All entries must be the original work of the entrant and must not infringe the rights of any other party. The entrant must be the sole copyright owner of all photographs entered and must have obtained permission of any people featured in the entries (or their parents/guardians if children under 16 are featured). Further, the entrant must not have breached any laws when taking their photographs.

Any photograph used by the BEST Photography Awards shall carry a credit line.
Submission fee is not refundable.


Copyright of the images will remain at all times with the photographer.

For awarded images, copyright holders grant the BEST Photography Awards unlimited non-exclusive use of high-resolution images for activities in all media, including social media, online and print, in relation to the contest and all promotional activities without any remuneration being due.

Copyright holders of all awarded images grant the BEST Photography Awards non-exclusive use of low-resolution pictures on our website, without any remuneration being due.

Images will be used strictly in connection to the awards and will not be used for any other marketing purposes other than to promote the BEST Photography Awards. Images will not be resold or used for commercial purposes by any other third party.

To promote winners of the BEST Photography Awards is granted the right to display images on social network websites (on our official profiles) including: Facebook and Instagram, YouTube, Twitter.

You agree to participate in related publicity and to the use of your name and images for the purposes of advertising, promotion and publicity in connection with the competition without additional compensation.

BEST Photography Awards and its media partners assume no responsibility and are not liable for any image misuse by external third parties.


BEST Professional Photographer of the Year

  • Trophy
  • Gold medal
  • Digital Diploma

BEST Discovery of the Year

  • Trophy
  • Gold medal
  • Digital Diploma

Gold winners in each category will receive a gold medal of the competition and a diploma.
Silver, bronze and blue winners will receive an online medal and diploma.

We will contact the winners to confirm the delivery address of the prizes. Prizes for the main winners will be sent by international mail to the address provided by the winner.


Entries will be judged by nominated judges.

Images will be judged category by category. Category winners will be chosen based on the highest individual image score.

Winners of each subcategory will be awarded with: Golden Award, Silver Award, Bronze award and Honorable mention.

Entrants with the highest final score within each category will be announced the category’s winner.

Note: Best Photography Awards reserves the right to move entrants’ photographs into categories if it is submitted incorrectly or if the photographs may successfully compete in another category.

The entrants with the highest final score in Professional and Non-Professional level of expertise will be announced the major prize winners with the titles: BEST Photographer of the Year and Discovery of the Year.

Please note that we only contact successful finalists by email following the judging in May of any season.

The decision of the BEST Photography Awards is final.


Start of accepting applications
1 August, 2024

Final Deadline
30 April, 2025

Winners Announcement
30 May, 2025


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Portfolio Review Terms

By ordering the Portfolio Review service, you agree and acknowledge that BEST Photography Awards may receive your registration data.
By submitting a Portfolio Review entry to the BEST Photography Awards, you are agreeing to these Terms.

Take into account the fact that the feedback on your portfolio review is the personal opinion of experts. You may agree or disagree with this review, but this portfolio review cannot be appealed.
By ordering a portfolio review, you agree that you will not have any claims in the future.
We do not provide refunds for portfolio reviews.

Portfolio reviews are prepared within 10-20 days from the date of payment, in English.
As soon as your portfolio review is ready, you will be sent a text document with a review, as well as your portfolio review certificate.

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