Callie Eh
The life-changing beauty of the sewing machine
"Involve Me and I Learn, She Believed She Could so She Did." This photo was taken at Sambhali Trust (NGO), which provides education and social skills to underprivileged Rajasthan women and children. Most girls and women at the centers come from low castes and some have a difficult background, they are hungry for knowledge and struggle so hard to get it, and most Sambhali women are bright and naturally intelligent. These women live in a world where men dictate their every move, and to break that tradition by pursuing an education/skill can be met with resistance and disgust. Women can reclaim their dignity and worth through the centers, build confidence, and work toward financial independence. By learning how to sew, Surjo Devi is able to start earning money, slowly becoming financially independent, and helping her family. This sewing machine may seem like a simple piece of equipment, but it opens up a whole new world for those women who have fulfilled their dream to be able to change their lives for a brighter future.

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