Andre Magarao
Outdoor studio
This is a study of the possibilities of shooting high performance action sports with studio lights. I was lucky enough to work with some of the best athletes (who became friends afterwards) in the world what allowed me to try all my ideas and experimentations in a variety of sports like motocross, kiteboarding and skimboarding. It's a challenge to find the good conditions for these type of shots. The shooting results are as much natural as it is to the real environment, photos are retouched to a minimum level.This is a unique technique, much more used in studios, and that I developed and adapted for outdoor practices.  Including adapting equipment that are commonly used for indoors shoots.  It's not always that the climate conditions like sunlight or the waves are ideal around sunset/sunrise. And it's also a challenge for me and the athlete to perform in pretty close to darkness. It requires me and the performer to stay tuned and work as a duet. Shooting pro athletes in such intense and diverse circumstances requires physical preparation from me. So it's always rewarding when it all works out!

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