Olga Sieso
Flower lid
We all feel a dichotomy between what we feel and what we express, hiding our emotions, vices or mental health problems with phrases like "I can control this" or "I am fine". This is a short story with temporary order of an emotional mismanagement and above all a reminder to ask for help instead of covering it. Additional information: There is a link between the images to check the order of the series: in the first one (Garbage Bag) there are white flowers that will appear in the second photograph. In "Motor Oil Can" (the second photo of the series) you will see there is fire, and it will appear again in the following image. In "Addictions" the color pink is shown for the first time, and in the next image (Bathtub Part One) there will be a pink rose. In "Bathtub Part Two" you will see that the white flower with blood of the previous photo reappears. Like a cycle, you will see that the liquid of the bathtub can be seen also in the very first photograph of the series. So the cycle will keep going until she asks for help.

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