Giandomenico Veneziani
A deal with god
A DEAL WITH GOD The heart of Hell is not fire, but ice. Cold as hatred, dehumanization and relational death. The body is enveloped by the cold waters of the Cocytus and at that moment all desire is extinguished and man can only contemplate his failure. Cryogenized in this immense river, which separates the world of the living from that of the dead, the human being becomes stone, soulless, insignificant, mute and inert. He lets himself be transported aimlessly by the great Luciferian sacrificial machine and the 'mperador of the painful kingdom, mocking, makes fun of the imperfect creation of the Father, who observes the macabre infernal dance choreographed by his last Son from above. He is aware of how great the suffering of mortals is, as it is he himself who inflicts it in the same way as the Fallen Angel. The truth is that the Almighty feels envy for the pleasure that the Morning Star feels in giving pain. With lies he helps man to ascend to Him. His intent is not to save him, but his only reason for being is to be able to continue the eternal struggle with his beloved Genius of Evil.

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