“Words hurt more than a weapon” 2019


Photographer Giandomenico Veneziani

Signed on the back side
Certificate of authenticity: included
Limited edition: 5

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“Words hurt more than a weapon”  is an extremely simple, almost banal concept. A mantra that has been repeated to us since we were children, whirling into our heads like a nursery rhyme, but how aware are we really of the meaning of this simple rule?

The naked and defenseless body, without any defense, crouched in front of the void, is bombarded by a whirlwind of words.
Words of war, words of hate, words that hurt.
We try to avoid them, we don’t want to hear them, we try to protect ourselves with our bare hands, but that’s not enough!
The pain that is perceived has no middle ground, it has no shades and no colours, everything is cold, nothing warms.
Human vulnerability emerges by highlighting the total absence of defenses, demonstrating how stinging the emotional pain caused by simple words that travel in the air, move, run and rotate. The words seem light and harmless, but the imprint they leave on the skin is marked, heavy and dark and nothing can erase them.

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