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One of the most exciting, artistic, creative genres in photography is the art of photography. No, this does not mean that other genres of photography are boring and unnecessary! Each genre of photography can be creative and unusual in its own way. Even wedding photography or photojournalism.
It only says that art photography is more ART than PHOTOGRAPHY.

Mostly artists are engaged in this genre of photography, but this is not always the case. Anyone can try to create something unusual. To do this, turn on your imagination.
I will try to describe the key points of art photography in this article.


Without your imagination, no one art photo can be unique.
Masterpieces create your imaginations. Your task will only learn to realize what you came up with. And this is a real, amazing adventure in the world of art. Art photography makes it possible to reveal any idea. For those who have never worked with art photography, the first time will be difficult. You can’t seem to come up with ideas. Or do you think that everything has already been invented?
No, of course no…
You need to tune your brain to learn how to generate an idea.
Try to remember your unusual dreams, images from films or an impressive picture that you saw in the gallery.
Remember the melody or sound that remained in your memory. Think about your favorite color. Think about what you love and what you don’t like.
Everything that is born in your imagination can become art.


You have already begun to think of ideas and that’s good, but!
We need to immediately think about how to translate our ideas into reality. This is a real challenge. The final result will depend on your technical skills.
Grimm, costumes, scenery, objects. All this you must think through.
An idea is good. But as many people say … An idea is worthless if it is not possible to realize it.
Step by step you have to decide how you will do it. Maybe this is a studio? Or maybe it will be more interesting to do a photo shoot on the street? Do you need a professional model, or will your girlfriend handle this?
One of the most exciting parts of this great work will be the preparation. All this will help your imagination. Come up with ideas that will be able to come to life. It’s interesting to think, but the same time is real.
This is not an easy task.
But is it interesting?


Amazingly, you become a true artist of a wide range. You develop in yourself not only the skill of photographing, but also the design of complex scenes.
You are the leader of the performance and you create the mood for your actors.
Designing one photo shoot is a real job. Think over color combinations. Textures. Lighting. All this is you.

Of course, I will write about a simple way.
You can find a stylist who will help you do everything. But will he really do it the way you imagined.
If you find such a person, you are lucky! It really is not easy.
If you have a stylist whom you trust in your productions, who fully knows what you need, it is good luck!

In this case, just enjoy the filming process. But still, we must be able to do it all on our own. Knowing the process from beginning to end, you understand the whole structure that you can control.
Soon, having gained experience from various fields … you will become a designer, a little hairdresser and stylist, make-up artist, director.
This is a great pleasure! Something like when you learn a foreign language for a long time and for the first time you start speaking this language with a stranger!
Pride! For your efforts, for not standing still.


Well, your photo shoot is on the flash drive of the camera, you are excited.
It’s time to choose the best shots and complete the final touches (I’m talking about editing photos).
From your choice of photos, a story will be built that the viewer will see. It is very important that it is interesting. I suggest viewing the entire survey several times and at different times of the day. This will help determine what to leave and what is best to remove.
If you are completely confident in your choice, it’s time to do the final post processing.
Art photography very often directly depends on Photoshop. Some ideas are simply impossible to fulfill without this.
Art photo editing skills differ from the usual LightRoom correction. But! It happens that this can be enough if you accurately photographed a plot that does not require additions. But if the photo requires deep corrections and you are not sure of your skills, it is better to find a retoucher. Finishing your photo, he brings it to that very perfect condition. It should look exactly as you imagined at the very beginning.
Although many photographers know that a photo shoot is often not under control. The idea changes on the go. Our task is to bring the final result closer to the original idea.

Art photography is very different. She has many directions within herself.
I work in the direction when my models are fully prepared for my idea. I use only real makeup, real costumes and real locations.
My favorite part = this is part of preparation. And I enjoy this process, developing an artist in myself.

But it happens differently. Photography becomes more digital art, its main part will be Photoshop. Grimm will be drawn artificially and create the right atmosphere.
More often the photo in such cases will go by the wayside. You yourself have the right to choose what you like more. Any option is your fantasy.
The main thing is to do your work efficiently, aesthetically and unusually!
This is one of the most important components of art photography.

Photos in this article belong to the author Dasha Art

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